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Every parent knows very well that feeding their child is fundamental to their proper health and development. The process responsible for drawing food is suckling - and it is the progress of suckling which determines if the child will have a healthy orthodontic development, how quickly parents will hear the first sounds from the child's lips, and finally, if they will be able to sleep peacefully throughout the night - without troublesome crying of the child due to colic.

What is active suckling?

Active suckling is the child's task - especially the working of it's lips and tongue - consisting of independently drawing food from a bottle ( in a way which nearly ideally mimics breast feeding )
During active suckling the child maintains proper coordination of suckling-swallowing-breathing, which helps it draw proper food portions and freely breathe through the nose.

Why active suckling?

DynamicActive suckling is one of the main factors responsible for proper development of the child during it's infancy and directly affects:

- correct swallowing (without spilling or choking)
- correct breathing (proper breathing through the nose)
- proper orthodontic development
- future speech development
- reduction of colic

How to help develop active suckling when bottle feeding your child?

The basics in active suckling development are: the proper feeding techinique and the selection of optimal feeding accesories, in particular a nipple and a bottle. The Lovi dynamic nipple, as the only one on the market,  features characteristcs which allow active suckling - which nearly ideally mimic breast feeding.
This has been validated through medical studies.