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Dear Parents,

due to the surfacing of various opinions on the subject of a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA) in polycarbonate infant feeding accesories, we would like to assure you that LOVI products are manufactured from completely safe materials and fulfill strict standards* concerning BPA which are in effect in the Republic of Poland and the European Union.

Additionally we emphesize that we regularly test all LOVI feeding accesories, including those from polycarbonate, as well as other raw materials (e.g. polypropylene, silicone). Testing results confirm, that they are completely safe, and with polycarbonate products (PC) the content of BPA is definitely lower than required European Union standards.

To fulfill the changing needs of consumers, we decided to introduce, for our polycarbonate products, alternative equivalent BPA-free raw materials. Now consumers will have a choice between two versions of a specific product - from polycarbonate or alternative equivalent BPA-free raw material („BPA 0%”).

LOVI products manufactured with alternative raw materials show a clear graphic symbol (0% BPA) on their packaging:

LOVI bottle Active suckling 150/250 ml
LOVI multi-funcational silicone bottle 120/230 ml
LOVI training cup 250 ml
LOVI non-spill cup 150/250 ml
LOVI 360° cup 210/250/350

siliconebreast pump

*) standard PN-EN 14350-2 Children's articles. Drinking accesories; Part 2: Chemical requirements and testing. Polish National Institutions  – of Regulations (which are: Ministry of Health, National Trade Inspection, Central Sanitary Inspection) basing on above standard did not show negative opinion on the subject of polycarbonate bottles (neither in periodicals, nor internet pages)